Different persons have different ambitions in life because they differ not only in tastes and temperament but also in innate tendencies and physical capabilities.

Discover your true life career, and become successful in it. I am too modest a young man to aim at any of these things. My ambition in life is to become a teacher Essay Sample.

Still man cannot give up ambitions.

In fact, many of the wishes of the people die in their budding stage.

Life without an ambition would become meaningless.

Ambition is the most important tool to achieving success, overriding both talent and resources by far. A person with ambition is always interesting, multi-dimensional and a seeker for new challenges.

If wishes were horses, everyone would like to ride. There are three factors which guide persons to …

Ambition is the thing, which is missing and fear is something which is most often found in the students, these days. Ambition - What's your ambition? I strongly believe that would help a student especially one who has never sold a thing in his life, how the whole system actually works.

Ever since I attained adolescence, it has been my joy to help those who are in trouble. My ambition in life is not wealth, power or high social status.

Develope a personality that encourages lifelong true friends. Fear and Ambition In Student life One of the most important problems of this “so called New Generation” is Fear against Ambition. Becoming a Scientist is My Ambition : (Brief Essay) Having an ambition in life is very important. My ambition is simple enough.

Ambition isn’t a dirty word. Channeled correctly, it’s the motivator to a satisfying life. An ambition is for a meaning direction forward. It is the service of the poor and the down-trodden. If we are studying today, there should be an end point to reach and we should be definite about it. These two factors are limiting the growth and success of the students. Ambition is the most important aspect of human life and it provides new essence with up-moving directions in our life. I do want to do something and do it well so that at the end of the day or life, I can look back and smile contently. My ambition in life is to become a great scientist. An ambitious attitude can lead anyone to … Understand who your true marriage partner is before tying the knot. A scientist has nothing else to think except how he should use science for the benefit of mankind.

As a young student, I aspire to become a scientist like Einstein and Edison.