Show More. Celebrity culture is a huge part of society today, especially in the United States, and it probably plays a bigger part in your own life than you may know.
Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively. Our media focuses far too much on the negative and not nearly enough on the positive. Social media and celebrity culture 'harming young people' This article is more than 1 year old Young people’s mental health damaged by ‘unobtainable’ body image in online world We focus too much on the bad and not enough on the … Register to read the introduction… Celebrities are constantly being watched all the time and people judge them based on how they live their lives. Celebrities and Parents play significant parts in influencing people. Celebrity Influence On Society; Celebrity Influence On Society. On most social media outlets, we see pictures of famous actors, socialites, models and singers. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively. They can sometimes help, but there are often downsides.-Zara Aziz is a doctor based in Bristol, UK. As a result, the negative people in Hollywood have much more influence over society than the positive people do. We can thank the gossip shows/websites and tabloid magazines for that.

Celebrity culture and their life are increasingly impacting on young adults by setting a false example of their body image and their life choices. Celebrities I found often experience tremendous burden that they can’t live up to this unrealistic expectation. But in general, celebrity health endorsements must be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism. We have been interviewing young adolescents to adults which have their own opinion on celebrity culture and how they’re … This is one of the major problems we have in today’s society.  Influence of Celebrities vs. Parents In today’s culture we can easily influence each other in our society because of the advance in knowledge and media. 704 Words 3 Pages. But the negative effects are not conducive to a healthy society. However, it may also have more of a negative effect on you than you thought possible.