The story of a Moorish general (Othello) and the soldier (Iago) who plots to usurp him, the play features a small cast of characters who are manipulated and pitted against each other as part of Iago's deceitful plan. Iago is the antagonist in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. This shows how much Othello trust Iago that he even leaves his wife with such a man. Othello depends on Iago too much. Two of the key characters are Cassio, Othello's loyal captain, and Roderigo, a man who is love with Othello's wife, Desdemona. He is the kind of man who is as smooth as silk and as dangerous as a dagger. Jealousy is the main driver of Iago. Relationship Between Iago and Othello General Iago Relationship Between Othello Iago's plan Iago does not like Othello because of his race and Desdemona Othello is the General,superior to Iago, but in social and mental terms Iago is taking control, using his intelligence and Iago addresses the audience, and tells them that he will question Cassio about Bianca, and their relationship – he says that Bianca is ‘[a] housewife that by selling her desires / Buys herself bread and clothes.’ (4:1:92-3) which represents that she is a prostitute. The relationship between Othello, general of the Venetian army, and Iago, his ensign, or flag-bearer, fuels the drama of the play. Iago asks Othello if he will ‘withdraw’, which Othello wordlessly responds to by simply ‘withdrawing’. Othello is supposedly driven by the author to become a tragic hero; understandingly by these points which are that the fallacies and hoaxed stories (Desdemona proclaimingly betrayed Othello in many ways and vice-versa) wee made, there are liers and evil plotters in society like Iago, Othello has upset relationship with his peers/ relatives/ friends due to him being a non-native ‘moor’. and find homework help for other Othello questions at eNotes This is the main aspect in which their relationship is based on. He is a manipulative man who develops a plan to destroy the lives of those he feels have wronged him. Othello says “honest Iago, my Desdemona must i leave to thee” Othello is trusting Iago to look after Desdemona and leaves her with him. If Othello was white, Othello wouldn't have been insecure, his relationship with Desdemona wouldn't be disapproved of and Iago might have hated Othello less. Get an answer for 'Describe the relationship between Emilia and Iago.'