Course Introduction: The video lectures in this course on The Beauty of Prayer focus on the means of communicating with the King, the Almighty God. John Knox was one of the Reformation's greatest prayer warriors, famous for crying out to God and praying, “Give me Scotland, Lord, or I die!”. The Form of Prayers and Ministration of the Sacraments, etc., used in the English Congregation at Geneva: and approved, by the famous and godly learned man, John Calvin. While very ill, John Knox, the founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, called to his wife and said, “Read me that Scripture where I first cast my anchor.” After he listened to the beautiful prayer of Jesus recorded in John 17, he seemed to forget his weakness. The government of Edward VI had introduced a new service, based on the Book of Common Prayer, which became law in 1549. Various prayers of Knox from six varying themes make up this book, with the sections listed below. In May 2012 we opened our first 24-7 Prayer Room – praying non-stop for 72 hours. Most dear Father, do not let us receive your word in vain, but grant us the assistance of your grace and Holy Spirit, There are also various other prayer events and opportunities to pray which are promoted at church. Treatise On Prayer By John Knox Dated 1553 by Peter-John Parisis. Contents: Introduction: John Knox’s Theology, Spirituality, and Practice of Prayer The Lord’s Prayer . Publication date 2014-08-20 Topics God, Jesus, Christ, Holy, Ghost, Spirit, Bible, New, Old, Testament, Scriptures, prayer, pray, praying, John Knox, Queen, Mary, Bloody, Pope, Peter-John, Parisis. The John Knox Institute > Video Lectures > The Lord’s Prayer. It is through the means of prayer that we may speak to our Creator. Quick Links . Prayer John Knox (c. 1513-1572) O Lord, strengthen our faith. FAQS Sundays Connect. John Knox Parish Church Of Scotland. by John Knox Articles on Puritan Worship and the Regulative Principle. Kindle it more in ferventness and love towards you, and our neighbors, for your sake. He began to pray, interceding earnestly for his fellowmen.

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