There are many logical (non-emotional, non-religious) arguments against capital punishment. Since 1973 in the U.S., 140 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. Capital punishment is warranted due to the sanctity of life. Revenge is a natural human emotion. The issue is complicated when the guilt of the person convicted of the crime is dubious. Revenge is a natural human emotion. You can look at the different purposes of punishment, the arguments for and against each punishment and why people may debate on whether it is an appropriate aim. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. Capital punishment does not reintegrate the criminal into society; rather, it cuts off any possible rehabilitation. The capital punishment debate has raised many questions about the relationship between pragmatism and moral principle. Since 1973, more than 130 people have been released from death row after being found innocent due to new evidence or technological advances.

Some Christians believe that capital punishment does not apply to … The death of a small number of prisoners means that society is safer and money can be spent on things that benefit all people eg healthcare and education rather than criminals You could also look at religious and non- religious perspectives on punishment. A life sentence is reversible. Among them: - Mistakes happen. Sponsored link. Capital punishment helps the family of the victim come to terms with their loss as it satisfies the desire for revenge. Capital punishment -- the death penalty Opposing views on the death penalty: Allegedly invalid techniques of biblical analysis. There is a large body of Christian literature on the value of prayers and pastoral ministry for convicts on death row or on the scaffold. Why do religious people hold views on punishment… New Testament Principles. Even before we turn to the New Testament, we find this universally binding principle that precedes the Old Testament law code. These are ALL people who had been found guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." This short video outlines non religious arguments for and against capital punishment I don't own the music in this video, I'm just trying to make my pupils studies more interesting. The sentence of death, however, can and sometimes does move the condemned person to repentance and conversion. It is for these reasons that the AHA supports efforts to make capital punishment illegal and legislative and executive initiatives at the Federal and State levels to impose moratoriums on carrying out any existing capital verdicts.