Read our selection of the top 50 Shakespeare insults below, ordered alphabetically by quote, with play and act & scene listed too. "All books listed converted into hyperlinks so you can easily look-up word definition or translation simply by clicking on it. You will have to use a dictionary. = You … You can also test the translator by clicking on the Use sample Text button to add a sample sentence to translate it to Shakespearean Eglish. Please note: British Museum copyrighted content cannot be used for commercial purposes. The British Museum considers educational and classroom use within an educational establishment or in the course of formal instruction to be non-commercial. e.g. Generate a Shakespearesque name. There is a huge choice of character names in all of the Shakespeare works.

He says more in one minute than he does in a whole month. Designed with user experience at its core, Studio 2019 transforms how new users get up and running and helps experienced users make the most of the powerful features. We might think there’s a double-entendre in prick your face (there isn’t) and completely miss the actual insult: lily-livered. Thou reeky, elf-skinned lout!

Lily-livered means “cowardly,” and it has its origins in medieval physiology. The site also offers Shakespeare Name Generator, Shakespeare Insult Generator for its users and you can even try them for free. The leading translation software used by over 250,000 translators. Shakespeare Insult Kit Have fun with Shakespearean language!

LingoJam Alternative Translators. This Shakespearean language translator brings you the best option with the help of which you can input your English language and get the corresponding Shakespeare language. Our generator will generate random Shakespearean names for your literary work / just for entertainment. If there is a word you do not understand, pick the dictionary and click on that word. There are many iterations of the Shakespeare insult generator, but this one is a true classic. It will open an online dictionary with definition or translation of this word. Shakespearean Name generator.

Along with writing some of most famous quotes in literature, Shakespeare’s insults, put-downs and cussing were second to none, and with his insults, Shakespeare was most certainly a master of his trade! “Why, thou clay brained guts, thou knotty pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow catch!” From Henry IV, Part 1. Insult: He is a gentleman that loves to hear himself talk, and will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month. Translation: He is a man who likes to hear the sound of his own voice. About the author.

Combine one word from each of the three columns below, prefaced with "Thou” – then write a modern translation beside it. SDL Trados Studio 2019 has evolved to bring translators a brand new experience. From: Romeo and Juliet – 1597.

Visit: Fun Translation. The Shakespeare Insult Kit from MIT – The most famous Shakespeare insult resource is called the “Shakespeare Insult Kit,” and was produced by some enterprising collegiates at MIT, way back in the day. LingoJam has many alternative versions, depending upon the type of translation you want to look into.