Treaties and Conventions are written agreements that states willingly sign and ratify and as such are obliged to follow. In is a platform for academics to share research papers.

The law applicable in ICJ, sec 38(1 and 2) On the basis of Article 38 of ICJ Statute, 5 distinct sources can be identified: 1. International conventions/treaties 2. The list of sources in Article 38 of the Statute is frequently criticised for being incomplete.
It provides an accessible and systematic overview of the key issues and debates around the sources of international law. Sources of International Law: Scope and Application Christoph S c h r e u e r The Emirates Center for Strategie Studies and Research Emirates Lecture Series 28… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Other Sources .

The Oxford Handbook of the Sources of International Law is the very first comprehensive work of its kind devoted to the question of the sources of international law. • Article 38(1) of the statute of the International Court of Justice is widely recognized as the most authoritative statement as to the sources of International law. The main sources of international law are treaty law, international customary law and general principles of law recognised by civilised nations.

7. international law but they are not themselves creative of law and there is a danger in taking an isolated passage from a book or article and assuming without more that it accurately reflects the content of international law. 4.